Join the eco-revolution 🌍 with our innovative app designed 🚀 to make recycling easier and more rewarding 😀 than ever before

Integrate the network of producers, citizens, businesses, governments and service entities.
Generate a positive environmental culture and foster responsible consumption.
Improve the quality of life across all communities while taking care of our planet.

We are the platform that rewards your choice to recycle and consume responsibly

Our comprehensive and scalable platform solves the need for infrastructure to collect and sort recyclable material.


Encourages Sustainable Habits

By providing tangible rewards for recycling, we inspire individuals and communities to embrace eco-friendly practices and contribute to a greener future.


A better world is possible with Ecobox

You are already helping to improve our planet in 4 simple steps and you get your reward.

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Strategic Partners

At Ecobox, we believe that collaboration is key to achieving our goals of promoting recycling and creating a sustainable future. That's why we actively seek out strategic partners who share our vision and are committed to making a positive impact on the environment

Coca Cola
Mac Donalds
Tetra Pak

Logistic Partners

Location Partners

Mac Donalds
Titan Plaza
Paseo Villa del Rio
Cafe Oma
Los Cerros


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